The roadbook is no longer a pending task

The first time I saw up close the RS Q e-tron E2 inside the Audi headquarters in Neuburg, I wanted to know how the co-drivers were able to assimilate all the notes found in the road book. I asked Lucas to explain it to me, but in the end it ended up being David Castera in Saudi Arabia and unexpectedly, who took charge of it before a small group of journalists. On the last calm day before the action begins, there was time to continue discovering all the ins and outs of a Dakar that will begin with a 12.5 kilometer prologue that we have been able to complete by car before the drivers themselves, after explaining how to understand what the digital road book that the protagonists will receive just before the race wanted to tell us.

At the controls was the director of the race, with a few laps behind him a fairly linear track that will define the positions of the first stage. But that hasn’t stopped pop up warnings in a ‘roadbook’ which turned out not to be that complex (when you take it easy). He warned us of undulations, indications that were too continuous and the direction to follow, at the same time that ‘held’ with a beep that can be irritating each step validated by the waypoints of a route that has brought us even closer to what the Dakar is. An unpredictable test, born from the difficulty to become admirable.

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