The road of the world that hums to travelers

If the vehicle is driven at the right speed on the road 67 of the European country of Hungary, the road hums for the passengers.

A car in the video is Hungarian Road 67 But it seems to be running. Some phrases of the song are heard by driving the car at a certain speed.

Opening of Road 67 in Hungary 2019 I was done. Laszlo Boddy, lead singer of the band Road Construction Republic (László Bódi) Alias Cipő was commemorated.

A brief phrase of the band’s song ‘Road 67’ can be heard as the vehicle pulls to the side of the road.

Although this video has gone viral several times in the past, it recently appeared on Twitter again after which it has been almost 9 million Views have been received. This is not the only musical road in the world. Japan Delusions approx 30 There are streets that play different tunes of traditional Japanese culture. Such streets South Korea, USA, Indonesia, France, Denmark Also found in etc.

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