The River player that Demichelis wants to recover

The River player that Demichelis wants to recover

River Plate is going through a period of transition that is turning the whole of the Monumental. The output of Marcelo Gallardo marks a before and after that could lead to some unwanted transfers in the Argentine team. However, with the advent of Martin Demichelisafter the storm, some calm arrives, and it is that the Argentine coach is already working to stabilize the situation.

One of Demichelis’s great objectives is to recover a footballer who has not managed to shine with River until now despite the fact that there were great expectations placed on him. Is about Esequiel Boatthe former soccer player atlanta united. Barco arrived a little less than a year ago, but the Argentine player, who expected the team of millionaires to be the springboard for him to Europeis not having regularity and does not currently have a place in the starting eleven.

-Ship is far from its best level

When the River disbursed 4 million euros for the loan of the Argentine winger for two seasons, they hoped that the footballer of the American team would become one of the keys to the attack of the Monumental team. However, nothing could be further from the truth, and that is that the footballer himself admitted being indebted to the ‘doll’ at the time. Now Demichelis seeks to recover the best version of him to get sporting returns on a significant investment by the 23-year-old attacker, who is far from his highest level.


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