The risk of falling from the Genoa bridge would have been known before the tragedy

A former managing director of the Benetton family’s holding company, Edizione, admitted on Monday that as early as 2010, eight years before the deadly collapse of the Genoa bridge, the group knew there was a risk of falling, without drawing any conclusions. consequences.

“It turned out that the bridge had an original design flaw, causing the technicians to be puzzled as to its ability to stay upright,” admitted Gianni Mion, heard as a witness during the trial on this drama which is taking place in the court of Genoa, in northern Italy.

“I did nothing and it is my great regret”

“I asked if there was someone to certify the safety and I was told ‘we will certify it ourselves'”, said Gianni Mion, referring to a meeting of the leaders of the company Autostrade per l’ Italia (Aspi), then owned by the Benettons.

“However, no one thought the bridge was going to collapse and we were reassured. I didn’t say anything, but I was worried. I didn’t do anything and that’s my great regret,” said Gianni Mion, quoted by the Italian agencies.

On August 14, 2018, in the pouring rain, the Morandi motorway bridge, an essential axis for local journeys and traffic between Italy and France, collapsed, throwing dozens of vehicles and their passengers into the void and causing 43 deaths.

” This is unacceptable “

The testimony of Gianni Mion aroused the indignation of Egle Possetti, the president of the Committee of relatives of the victims. “A person with his role could not be silent, it is unacceptable,” she commented. “We just hope that someone will pay and lead by example so that there are no more situations like this in Italy,” she added.

“The risk coefficients attributed to certain structures were significantly lower than the actual state of the infrastructure itself”, recognized for his part another witness, Roberto Tomasi, general manager of Autostrade since 2019 and executive of the company. since 2015.

Referring to the role of the engineering company Spea, responsible for maintenance, he assured that “the behavior of some of its employees was unacceptable. We did not find it reliable,” he said.

If many former leaders find themselves on the dock, the companies Autostrade and Spea have escaped the trial thanks to an amicable agreement concluded with the prosecution, providing for the payment of 29 million euros to the State.

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