The rising price of tomatoes in India has led to a quarrel between husband and wife

Due to the daily increase in the price of tomatoes in India, not only the citizens are worried, but now there are also fights in the houses.

According to media reports, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, adding three more tomatoes to the husband while cooking curry became expensive. It so happened that a man named Sanjeev Burman was preparing food for Dhaba at home. He put three more tomatoes in the curry than usual, on which the wife raised her head.

Sanjeev’s wife had a big fight with him at first, and later left the house forever along with their young daughter.

Talking to the media, Sanjeev said that I run a dhaba, I was preparing vegetable curry at home but I made a mistake that I put three more tomatoes in it.

He said that the wife quarreled over putting more tomatoes in the curry due to the high price of tomatoes and then went away.

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