The right to abortion threatened in the United States? “I am really worried about the future of women’s health in this country”

The “Women’s March” is organized every year but in many American cities it mobilized a lot on Saturday, October 2, against the anti-abortion law that came into force a month ago in Texas.

This law, adopted on August 31 by the Texan Parliament, prohibits abortion beyond six weeks of pregnancy, even in cases of incest or rape. The possibility that texts of the same nature will be adopted in other states worries some American citizens, especially since the Supreme Court of the United States refused to suspend Texas law.

David came from neighboring Maryland with his wife Suzanne. Their story is written on his sign: “I love someone who has an abortion“. It was in 1976. The right to abortion had been recognized for three years in the United States. They were not ready to welcome a child. 48 years later, they were outraged against Texas law.”Six weeks ! Women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet. And what about the women who have been raped? It’s disgusting. I really care about the future of women’s health in this country“Especially since it is the Supreme Court, with a conservative majority since the appointments of Donald Trump, which will settle the debate.

“It’s terrifying. Abortion could become illegal in this country. It’s unbelievable.”

David, demonstrator for the right to abortion

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So the demonstrators call for resistance, as the Texan gynecologist Alan Braid, whose name is written on Simone’s sign. He has been sued since he said publicly that he was continuing the abortions. “We have Rosa Parks, we have Martin Luther King and now we have Doctor Alan Braid, asserts a protester. Citizens of all states must fight for the laws they want. “The Supreme Court of the United States resumes its work on Monday.

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