The RFEF sees “malicious and unheard of” the complaint against Rubiales from the Association of Third National Category Clubs

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) was forceful before the complaint filed against its president Luis Rubiales by the Association of Third National Category Clubs, something that it considers “going beyond what is reprehensible, malicious and unheard of” and a use of justice “in bad faith”.

The CD Real Balompédica Linense, CF Rayo Majadahonda, Club Linares Deportivo, DUX Internacional de Madrid and UD San ​​Sebastián de los Reyes, founders of this association, filed a complaint against Luis Rubiales, the federative general secretary Andreu Camps and the legal adviser of the RFEF Tomás González Cueto for alleged crimes of threats, coercion and prevarication, for which the three went to give a statement this Tuesday before a court in Majadahonda (Madrid).

“What the five clubs in this Association have done is go beyond what is reprehensible. They are using the free justice that we enjoy in Spain in bad faith and with the sole purpose of feeding the interests of a plot that is being exposed, “said Javier Gómez Matallanas, spokesman for the RFEF, to Europa Press.

He believes that “it has become clear what was the interest” of this association, created last February and whose activity “in a few months is non-existent.” “It has been left empty of content and it is shown that everything is a strategy supervised by third parties to erode the federative image,” he warned.

“People must know the truth so that the cynicism and shamelessness with which they have acted is known to all. That they file a complaint of threats against the president of the RFEF for saying that ‘to compete in national football, clubs must comply with the rules’ is something malicious and unheard of. Where is the threat here? What a lack of modesty you have to have to act like this, ”added the federative spokesman.

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In this sense, for Gómez Matallanas, “calling threats that the top leader guarantees compliance with the Regulations and economic control with maximum equality for all, is as unfortunate as it is improper coming from entities that are part of the world of sport.”

For this reason, he regretted that they have “crossed that line again.” “And they have done it again to stain the image of the Federation and its leaders, at a time when more aid, information and professionalism are offered from the RFEF to all non-professional clubs”, he remarked.

“In these four and a half years of Luis Rubiales’ mandate, we have gone from 10 million annual aid to 112, and this is the response of some who are at the service of other interests, not those of football. Spectacular management, they stain it with lies. Lying is not the way, but unfortunately, part of its mission is fulfilled by making this misuse of justice, “he criticized.

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