The return of “the house of terror”

In a tour of different markets in the country’s capital, a general complaint is observed among citizens who say they do not know what they will do if the cost of living continues to rise disproportionately.

From blaming “Ito Bisonó”, the “Government of Exchange”, “fuels” and “external debt”, buyers, heads of families, single mothers and home providers are looking for someone to blame for their economic hardships, since even Some feel that the little sustenance they have to survive is enough for their fixed expenses every day.

Walking through the doors of the Villa Consuelo Market, the atmosphere reflected the same criticism from consumers. Don Demetrio Ruíz, narrated his daily life in the facilities of this since he has been living for 20 years from the trade of offering products to its inhabitants, “There are things that have been scarce, people are buying less, but this biblical things will go from bad to worse”.

Just as Desiderio was explaining this situation to members of the press of this newspaper, one of his regular clients, Ana, complained about the high price of pumpkin, “but Ruiz, like, that little piece of pumpkin is 15 pesos! ! ”, to which Desiderio only limited himself to saying “everything went up”.

Juan Pérez, who owns the “La Plazita” spice business, has been an entrepreneur for two years, told how rising prices affect his daily sales.

“There are differences in how people used to buy compared to how they do now, people want detailed products and the truth is that as it is, one must sell it by the package or pounds depending on how much they pay,” Pérez said.

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In the butcher shop, Dani Chacón, who feels the increases in two ways, since he is a consumer but also has a fast food itinerant business called Chacón Chef, which is located in the vicinity of the sector.

Chacón said, “if fuels continue to rise it will be difficult for me to sell the bus, I am the father of three children and I survive because I have my own business, every time something goes up I have to change something in my prices, I thank God since I have where to live, I can’t imagine how those who have nothing are made”.

Inside a dozen beautiful roses, pom-poms, carnations and other species of local flora, Marta López at her flower stand, where she has worked since 2000, explains that she sells a product that constantly goes up and down, “I never thought that buying a package of flowers for 50 pesos now if it is not with 500 or a chin more there is no sale”, declared Marta.

Even those who are dedicated to the trade of magic have expressed their feelings about the current situation in the country. In the San Miguel botanist, José Mendez, who has had a family business for 40 years, which has been passed from generation to generation, expressed his thoughts.

“My daughter and what you are seeing and living wonders? Everything is expensive, I bought ammonia for 150 pesos and that same size is 450 pesos, with the passing of days this “fears “” .

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