The return of Aleksandre Topuria

The surname Topuria is synonymous with success. Ilia will have his first main event fight in the UFC on June 24 in Las Vegas, and his brother, Aleksandre, will return to the Octagons on May 20 in Madrid, with his sights set on the biggest MMA company in the world. . He Conqueror He will return a year after his last victory to shine in this sport. “I think that, God willing, after this fight maybe I’m in the UFC. I have several offers from other big events like Bellator, but My goal is to get to the UFC”, explains the Hispano-Georgian.

The passion for contact sports in the Topuria family dates back to when both brothers were young, when they still lived in Georgia. “It all started one day in high school, being crazy, fighting with someone. Suddenly, I am interrupted by the physical education coach, who at the time was the wrestling coach”, relates Alexander. The coach knew how to see the potential that he already had from such an early age. He “he looked at me, pulled me apart and said: ‘Calm down. In you I see that you have a tremendous future in contact sports, in fighting. I would like to be your coach, I would like to take you to the Olympics and that one day you will be an Olympic champion‘”, the Hispano-Georgian tells AS. He went to a fight club with his brother Ilia and they started training.

When they arrived in Spain, they looked for a gym to continue training in Olympic wrestling, but they had no luck, in this country it is not such a popular sport. The brothers decided to judo. “One day, by chance, my mother meets a boy who had the cauliflower ears and I ask. The guy was a Climent Club black belt,” she comments. The athlete recommended that they go to the MMA gym to try, since, coming from fighting, they would have a good “background”. “My brother and I went to the Climent Club and we never went out,” says Alex. The Hispano-Georgians began to practice this sport at the Climent Club, led by Jorge Climent, in Alicante, and continue to train there to this day. His first MMA competition was in 2014 in Barcelona, ​​and both he and Ilia won in the first round.

Alexandre added two victories and, in May 2015, signed his first loss by KO in the third round against Ivo Ivanov. After losing this fight, he stayed out of the competition for six years. “I sat down and said, ‘Well, boy, What was the failure? Why did you lose the fight?’ Because I knew that I was much better than him. I felt very superior to him, so I realized that what I was missing was part of the striking, part of the rhythm. So, I made the decision to start training boxing, to improve my striking and all this”, he recounts. He even went so far as to do a boxing match. He also started training his brother Ilia, while picking fights. “For all these years I could have fought in MMA, but I had like a inner struggle. Outside too, there was pressure from outside, but also pressure from inside”, says Aleksandre. But the desire to compete was still there. “It’s like everything came very close to me, everything became very big for me. It was hard for me to come back. But hey, after all this, I overcame my inner struggle, I fought my devils, I overcame them and here I am”, celebrates the Hispano-Georgian.

Aleksandre Topuria and his brother Ilia at the preview of the documentary 'Matador' in Madrid.
Aleksandre Topuria and his brother Ilia at the preview of the documentary ‘Matador’ in Madrid.CHEMA DIAZACE DAILY

He Conqueror he had a hard time finding rivals to take on. “The promoters know that here in Spain it is difficult for me to look for fights. I’m 4-1 but people take me as 15-0″, explains Alexander. He returned to the octagons in 2021 with a KO victory in the first round against Luca Tenório, and in 2022 he defeated Alberto Ibáñez with the same result. And the time has come to return to the ring again. “The sensations are enormous, they are very big. I have a lot of motivation, I am super motivated. I feel responsibility and that motivates me ”, he assures. On May 20 he will face Johan Segas in Madrid. known as The Silencer, has a record of 3 wins and one loss. “I have full confidence that I will finish him off, It is what I feel”, says the Hispano-Georgian. The preparation is being very hard, living up to the objectives. “I have a job to do and I’m working on it day and night. 24 hours. For me there is no easy fight, training does not exist for me in the same way. I am at 100% in each training session, thinking as if it were my last fight”, he assures.

The objective is clear: the UFC. “I don’t want to anticipate, I don’t want to say things that might not happen, but I think that, God willing, after this fight I might be in the UFC,” Aleksandre tells us. Offers have come from big companies like Bellator, but he is clear about his goal and will fight for it. “There are conversations and there were conversations”, he assures. He Conqueror twice challenged Nathaniel Woodand even, when Ilia fought Jai Herbert in London, they offered him to fight with him, since his rival fell. “It was at 61 kilos and I said: ‘Okay, I accept the fight. Give me the fight’, regardless of the fact that he had to lose 11 kilos. But I said that, if they accept me, I will give my life to lose weight and fight, ”says the Hispano-Georgian. But it could not be. He was also offered to fight in France, but the fight fell through. “I know that right now they have a lot more to lose with me than I do. Because a boy who is of a good caliber, well I know what caliber I am, I don’t know what they think, but a dangerous boy, who see me and say: ‘He’s probably going to beat me, I won’t risk it‘. And I understand them, “he comments,” I say it with all my humility in the world, a smart guy does not accept the fight”. And, once inside the UFC, it is clear who he wants to face: Sean O’Malley. “I will challenge him in every fight. I know that each time I will get closer and one day it will be your turn to accept. And I definitely know that I’m going to finish him before the time”, he assures.

Aleksandre will be with Ilia in her big moment, his first main event fight against Josh Emmett in Las Vegas on June 24, as it has been with him all his life. “It’s not that I train with him, it’s that we grew up together. And I’m lucky that we share the same sport, the same lifestyle… It’s like an apple cut down the middle”, he explains about his relationship with his brother. He is clear about the result: KO in the first round. “In The matador, all the confidence ”, assures Aleksandre who already sees Ilia as a champion. “I definitely know that one day the time will come, when he locks himself in the cage with the champion and I know that he will take what is his,” he guarantees.

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