The retirement of Buster Posey


Surprise? Not really. This was seen coming from a few years ago. Buster Posey wasn’t going to be one of those long-career players. The physical effort to stay on the ground and the desire to stay longer with his young family was a combination that brought him closer and closer to retirement.

And after a successful season individually and collectively, the 34-year-old receiver decided enough was enough.

Success accompanied him throughout his career as well as injuries. Three MLB titles with the San Francisco Giants. A Rookie of the Year award, an MVP award, a batting title, two Comeback of the Year awards, a Gold Glove, four Silver Bats, and seven All-Star invitations.

Most importantly, the widespread recognition of his leading role in the success of the Giants since 2010. In addition to his offensive contribution, Posey was a master at pitching, possessed the ability to steal strikes with his framing, understood the tendencies of hitters. opponents and was an additional pitching coach.

But it was difficult for Posey’s body to cooperate for him to stay on the ground. The problems began in 2011, when Marlins player Scott Cousins ​​rammed the receiver on a play at home plate, causing a catastrophic injury to Posey’s left ankle, who also suffered a broken fibula.

Despite the youngster making a triumphant comeback in 2012, hitting .336 and winning the MVP award to lead the Giants to a second crown, the surgically repaired ankle was never the same. Then came other ailments, including persistent hip discomfort.

Playing with pain undermines the athlete’s will to make the effort to stay active. This had to do with his retirement. In addition, the family began to grow and the desire to stay close proved decisive.

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Posey leaves an excellent career that, due to lack of time, did not reach large volumes. 1500 hits, 158 home runs, 729 RBIs. Although the .302 / .372 / .460 averages for a receiver are Hall of Fame stuff, the stacking stats are not.

It will be up to members of the BBWAA to discern whether Posey’s peak was dominant enough to one day make him immortal.


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