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The resurgence of rhythm

The resurgence of rhythm

The rhythmic ensemble has the honor of having achieved for Spain the first ticket for the Paris 2024 Gamesalmost two years in advance, by conquering the bronze medal at the World Cups in Sofia (Bulgaria), where they put into play three ticketolympic s.

The coach of this group is the vallisoletana Ana Pelaz (34), who was a component of the group in the first decade of the century; and the selector it is Alexandra Quereda (30), a member of the team that won silver at the Rio Olympics in 2016, as well as medals at World Cups and European Championships.

After the goodbye of that set in 2016, with the effective withdrawal in 2017, with renovations and changes of all kinds, Spain has been a long season out of the fight for the metalsbut has returned to the podium in 2022: a silver in the Europeans from Tel Aviv (mixed exercise) and two bronzes on the world cup date (general and hoops final). “We had been out of the fight with the best teams for some time, but this year, with the European Championship and the good results in the tournaments of world Cupwhere they had already conquered eight medalsyou could sense that we had a prepared and competitive team, that we had regained the level“, bill Alexandra Queredathe national selector of the national rhythmic gymnastics, who also considers that the gymnasts “came to Bulgaria very lively and safe because weeks before the World Cup they achieved excellent results in Romania, which was a boost to their morale. Yes, this year’s medals are the first high-level medals to be achieved after the 2016 Olympic silver team retired.”

It was known that after withdrawal Of nails gymnasts who had competed in two consecutive editions of the Olympic Games (fourth in London and silver in River) was going to go through gray moments “but it has cost us a little more because before this group we had another, the one that was still junior in 2016, the one that happened to us, but for some things and others did not prosper as we thought, and this is a new setwith different gymnasts” explains Alejandra, somewhat the common thread of both from different perspectives.

The spanish gymnasticsin all its disciplines, is usually almost laboratory a select group, and with it prepare all the tests. Set, nevertheless, double the number of possible tricks. “It is that in the Olympic Games only allow five, and a change if there is an injury, but the substitution is very cumbersome because the sixth is outside the Olympic Village; and in the World Cups and the European Championships I know allow sixwith a change in each of the two exercises. We, in the CAR of Madrid, we are working with a group of ten gymnastsin which they all do both exerciseswhich is the best way to solve possible contingencies, to have the group prepared and competing to form the best team at all times” explains the national coachwhich also applies his personal experience.

On whether this set is the direct heir to Rio, Quereda sees them different: “Because of the gymnasts and their characteristics I see them totally different. Perhaps they have the connection in the commitment they put into each training. It cannot be said that there are leaders; each one makes her own personal contribution to improve the group”.

Release. Regarding the release What does it mean to get the quadrennium goal with so much advance, Alejandra does not want to forget the immediate challenges: “Spain must always be at the forefront. The Olympic qualification is a success, but we have more goalsespecially the World Championship in Valencia in 2023″.

The group of the group is practically a representation of all of Spain, in many cases with gymnasts who pointed to individual and gave way to the collective, as Salma Solau, to which a knee injury changed the plans he had with her. It is not the only case, but it is the most significant, although these changes have a long tradition.

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