Lemar has experienced a roller coaster ride since his arrival at Atlético. His transfer from Monaco, the most expensive in the club’s history at that time, was closed and announced when the 2018 World Cup in Russia was going to start that he would end up raising with his already wardrobe mates Griezmann and Lucas. A reinforcement of carats that overflowed the illusion of the fans when, after having advanced their holidays to put themselves under Simeone’s orders, gave a football exhibition in the European Super Cup against Real Madrid.

But those feelings were fading with the passage of the games. Lemar reached 70 million in value for the specialized page Transfermarkt upon arrival, but the poor performance, together with the fact that he seemed to have lost confidence in his game and the little importance in Atlético despite the fact that Simeone continued giving him minutes, caused this price to drop to 15 million just a year ago, in November 2020. The Frenchman hit rock bottom. He had been on the market, no club was launched for his services and the new season began a priori with a secondary role.


Nevertheless, Lemar rose from its ashes and was capital to lift the league title. Strengthening his football in the new tactical system as an interior and becoming a key piece to link defense and attack and take a speed jump to the center of the field. His head clicked too found his place and regained the mental strength to face opponents with a new confidence. And this season is being even more important and decisive in the face of goal (he adds two goals and two assists). That has helped him to make a jump in his value again. In January, up to 20 million, in March at 25 and in the last calibration of this October 13 until 40. Lemar recovers its price at the same time that it has been recovering its level and still 25 years old (he turns 26 next month) he has a lot of time to continue improving.

“You don’t know how many people He told me not to put it, to put someone else. And I would see it and say that I had to play. It has different things from the others. He goes forward, he dribbles (he dribbles). Has something that few have. Today you no longer dribble. Today is all positional, I make numerical superiority here, there. And the talent? And the individual? And the dribble? And avoiding? And getting rid of a man that breaks the entire structure? Who has it? Lemar, João, Correa, few“, Simeone explained this week in El País. Lemar has had a U-shaped recovery and after hitting bottom, he wants to reach his ceiling again.

João and Griezmann go down

In the new Transfermarkt estimate there are also Atlético players whose value declines. In the case of João Félix, his last months weighed down by an ankle injury took him down from 80 million to 70 million. Griezmann continues with his constant decline despite returning to Atlético and the last slump takes him from 60 to 50 million. Veteran players like Felipe and Herrera they have a slight decrease to 9 and 7 million respectively, something common in the estimation of the page in players who have exceeded 30 years.


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