The result of friendship on social media, a British woman impoverished an Indian citizen

New Delhi: The result of friendship on social media has impoverished an Indian citizen.

According to Indian media reports, the incident took place in Panipat district of the Indian state of Haryana, where a farmer fell in love with a British woman and spent millions of rupees.

According to a report received by the police, a farmer named Rishi Pal befriended a woman named Eva Brown from UK on social media three months ago.

According to the report, the woman accepted the farmer’s invitation and said that she would come to India in the last week of January.

On January 31, the farmer Rishi Pal got a call. The caller identified himself as an official of the Customs Department, Mumbai Airport. The man told the innocent farmer that his friend was at the Mumbai airport. A ticket of Rs. 1 lakh is required. In case of non-receipt of the money, your friend will be deported. Meanwhile, the accused woman made a video call to the farmer and made him believe that he is present at Mumbai Airport.

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Indian farmer Rishi Pal was tricked by them. After being tricked, the thugs sent him a bank account number. With the help of three different numbers, the thugs seized 120,000 (Indian currency) from the farmer. The woman remained in touch with the farmer for two days, after which she switched off her mobile number.

The farmer who lost his deposit has lodged a complaint at the local police station. Based on the complaint, the police have registered a case under various provisions including fraud and started searching for the accused woman.

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