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“The repression is so strong” that the Taliban “banned all demonstrations”, testifies a leading reporter from France 2 returning from Afghanistan

Dorothée Olliéric, who works for France 2, was the guest of the frenchinfo TV news program on Thursday, 16 September. The journalist spoke of her return from Afghanistan and the policy of repression being carried out there.

What “Brand” Dorothée Olliéric, a leading reporter for Channel France 2, during her stay in Afghanistan, is first and foremost “the absolutely immense courage of women”, she testified on Thursday, September 16 on the television news channel Franceinfo. The journalist was again in Kabul on Thursday, 26 August, just hours before a double suicide attack resounded near the city’s military airport.

As a video of a demonstration by Afghan women filmed with her cell phone was broadcast, Dorothée Olliéric ensured that “the repression is strong, so much so that the Taliban banned all demonstrations.” “The Taliban are furious to see us film these images, the same Taliban who banned the press,” assured the journalist from France 2.

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