Home Sports The renewal of Tavares with Real Madrid, stalled

The renewal of Tavares with Real Madrid, stalled

The renewal of Tavares with Real Madrid, stalled

The renewal of Deck until 2028 and the signing of Campazzo until 2027 are the two big operations for Real Madrid this summer. The club has also opted for the continuity of Sergio Rodríguez and Rudy and has released Williams-Goss, Hanga, Cornelie and Randolph, who were free (or their contract could be terminated). No more incorporations are intuited, although a loophole must be left open to the market. And it doesn’t seem easy either for white basketball to achieve one of its main objectives in recent months: the continuity of Edy Tavares beyond June 2024when his current relationship for five seasons signed in the summer of 2019 ends.

The renewal of the three times best defender in the Euroleague and current MVP of the Final Four is now stalled, very stagnant, after several months of great wear and tear between the parties without significant progress. With the current card of the pivot, Madrid had a salary cap so as not to exceed 3.5 million euros gross per year in any case (below two million net), That is why he was so cautious with the numbers, for example, in the talks to recover Campazzoin which last autumn there was enough friction.

Bid above current cap

Madrid is willing to exceed that limit, but without exceeding it, and the player, to whom no one disputes the label of the most decisive pivot in Europe, wants a contract at the level of the market, in which leaders such as Sloukas have signed this summer for more than three million net. Perhaps it is a skyrocketing, inflationary market, and I am sure that at 31 years old and at the best moment of his career, Tavares would sacrifice salary in exchange for more years on his contract, but even with that flexibility the positions of both do not touch, there is a noticeable difference with no sign of being resolved.

Tavares, despite the interest of an NBA franchise and that of several of the greats of the Euroleague (Panathinaikos has publicly acknowledged that they wanted to sign him), He wants to continue in Madrid, but he is facing his last big contract and wants to be valued for what he is, one of the most differential pieces of the continent. His exit clause is very high and he is not considering leaving the white team this summer, nor does he want to, although in eleven months he will be free and…

the fair price

Madrid hopes to be able to convince him at this time, but his price (regardless of the risk of any physical problem) can continue to grow and no longer contractually tied. The big obstacle is that What the club offers them, and we are talking about the noble floor, a few floors above those in charge of the section, is not enough. The difference in taxation in Europe does not help. Beyond, there is unanimity that Tavares is the great pillar of the team (six seasons, two European Cups and 75 double-doubles, games with more than ten points and more than ten rebounds); but there is not at the right price.

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