The ‘renew plan’ works

Something like “youth, divine treasure”, could decorate the corridors of Chamartín. A motto, a slogan. In case someone, in the fervor of a red-hot market, forgets the first commandment: young people, the priority must be young. It responds to the strategy that the club began in 2015 -when Juni Calafat he was promoted to chief scout-, and stepped up in 2017. Big checkbooks for established stars declined, while the bets for diamonds, still to be contrasted, increased.

Everything was left in the hands of Calafat, who brought from a valverdefor 5 million (today it is valued at 100), up to odegaard, for 3 million (sold for 40). Two antonymous examples, but which converge on the crux of the matter: They are signings that, if they go well, shoot up their value; but if it goes wrong, at least they guarantee profitability. win-win. It is the non-negotiable course, backed by numbers that confirm that the strategy works. Six players came worth €256M and today, they have doubled their brilliance: €520M. The famous “transition” is golden.

Ancelotti and Florentino chat in Valdebebas.
Ancelotti and Florentino chat in Valdebebas.PETER CASTILLODiary AS


He arrived at Real Madrid in the summer of 2019, from Porto and in exchange for 50 million euros. Had 21 years and he was the central holder of the dragons, whom he defended for a season. One, because up to now that was all his baggage in Europe, where he had just landed comes from São Paulo. Calafat insisted on signing him, because he saw in his boots a potential kaiser for the rear of Chamartín; and although his first months were more of a shot in the foot than a plate, he ended up consolidating. Today, four seasons later, he is the indisputable pillar of the defense, having two Leagues, one Champions League, one Cup, two Spanish Super Cups, one European Super Cup and one Club World Cup to his credit. It accumulates 142 official matches and has gone from being valued at €45M to €70M.

value when it arrivedvalue now


The most recent: landed in Chamartín last summer, coming from Monaco and in exchange for 80 million. Back then he was a diamond in the rough, owner of the label for the midfielder ‘who wins the most balls in Europe’ and indisputable with Francedespite his age and competence. It diverges from the strategy in that it was partially verified in Europe, which rowed in favor of making a significant outlay; but it converges on the cost effectiveness. Because, Despite having completed a year far from what was expected, it is valued at €10M more than a year ago (from €80M to €90M). He does not lose faith, but if he leaves, the club knows that it could sell him for more than what he spent.

value when it arrivedvalue now


Was the summer of 2021 when his signing was closed: 30 million for a left-handed 19-year-old, who was a member of Rennes at the time. That same footballer, two years laters, is already valued at €60M. And he justifies it boom of a spectacular season, in which he has been one of the great sensations. The player who has played the most matches of the entire team (59)has not suffered a single injury and has shone a polyvalence anomalous. He started out as a midfielder, only to find out over time that he’s even better as a pivot… and came to play 17 games as a left back, complying with note. Camavinga, who turned 20 at the end of the year, is already absolute international and has taken the position, in Madrid, from Tchouameni. One of the bets of the club that has given the best performance.

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value when it arrivedvalue now
Camavinga and Valverde celebrate the fourth goal, against Al Hilal, in the last Club World Cup.
Camavinga and Valverde celebrate the fourth goal, against Al Hilal, in the last Club World Cup.SUSANA VERAREUTERS


In terms of value, its explosion is directly a supernova: when Madrid signed him in 2016, he was valued at 500,000 euros; today, seven years later, That figure has risen to €100M. Valverde was an express request from Juni Calafat, who paid five million for signing him, coming from Peñarol, when he was an absolute unknown. To the Birdie it was difficult for him to fly, to the point that he left yielded to the Sportswhere it was not Hawk (25 games, without assisting or scoring a single goal). But in 2018 he started to take off the wing and Last year, already established as a winger, he was key to winning the Fourteenth. He has gone further. And he accumulates 204 games for white, with 18 goals and 15 assists. It is non-transferable.

value when it arrivedvalue now


It was in 2019with the age of majority under his arm, when he made the leap to Real Madrid: 40 million. An amount that four years later has doubled: is valued at €80M. His signing, watched by Juni Calafat’s spyglass, has been one of the most successful in the recent factory. An unknown footballer in Europe that the whites signed before anyone else and have become part of their backbone. Because at the moment he is in the Olympus of the indisputable; it would not even be accepted to negotiate. The ‘man of comebacks’ accumulates 165 official matches, 37 goals and 32 assists. He loves living in Madrid and loves Real Madrid. This course, to make matters worse, has taken a step forward, leaving behind the shadow of ‘first substitute’ to be titleholder. He has been the second who has played the most games: 57.

value when it arrivedvalue now
Vinicius elevates Rodrygo after scoring against Betis, in the League.
Vinicius elevates Rodrygo after scoring against Betis, in the League.Quality Sports ImagesDiary AS


A full-fledged overcoming story. Because even the most staunch Real Madrid player understands that Vinicius… was slow to start. It is something that the footballer himself has come to recognize, without fear; it is more, with pride. Because she knew how to escape from a very delicate situation. Noted for lack of goal and leadership after landing, in 2018, in exchange for 45 million euros. It was climbing, growing, maturing. He first took control of the left wing and then, with the leadership of the attack, starring in a golden tandem with Benzema. When it arrived it was valued at €35M and today it already stands at €120M. He was the author of the goal of the fourteenththe most special of 59 that accumulates A bet that started bitter, but is on the way to legend.

value when it arrivedvalue now

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