“The referee tells me that I touch it and I intend to play”

Eric García was the star of the match between Spain and France in which the Gauls won 1-2 with a goal from Mbappé. Precisely on this goal, the Barcelona center-back was the one who ‘enabled’ the French striker according to the referee explained to the Red players. This goal was given by the referee and ratified by the VAR.

After the game, this was the explanation of the goal that Eric García offered on RTVE microphones. “He throws the ball behind his back, I shoot myself, I touch it with the cue and Mbappé is offside. The referee tells me that I touch it and I intend to play.ar. He tells me that I have to step aside and let Mbappé control the ball. That this is the rule. I think it is clear offside and that a defender in life can be removed there. It hurts … “, said the central Barcelona.

In addition, he explained how the game was up to that moment. “The first ten minutes we weren’t fine. They had their moments but from then on we’ve been fine. They tried to squeeze us. In the second half, Theo’s crossbar … pbut we get back to control. We score the goal and that they tie you so quickly is a shame … “, he explained.

Spain took the lead in the match thanks to Oyarzabal. The Basque opened the scoring, but a few minutes later, Karim Benzema made the tie with a right hand to the long post of Unai Simón that he touched, but could not prevent him from entering. The second goal was the work of Mbappé. After beating the Spanish defense, he threatened and defined perfectly against Unai Simón.

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