The Redeem Team: the best team in history?

The documentary about the victory of the United States in the 2008 Olympics still giving a lot to talk about. Premiered on the Netflix platformis quickly becoming viral and there is no day in which there is not a new story that surpasses the previous one and that is highly commented on social networks. With much incidence on the sadly deceased Kobe Bryantthe documentary presents the path that the North American team took to the final and also focuses on anecdotes from the clash against Spain.

At one point in the documentary, LeBron James believes that this team is the best international team in history, which directly makes it the best team of all time. The forward, for another debate in a world full of them, ensures that his team is the best everand therefore puts it ahead of other mythical ones such as, without going any further, the Barcelona 1992 Dream Team. Some daring statements but that extol a squad that was already absolutely incredible.

James’s reasoning is quite simple: the depth of the US team in 2008 and Dwyane Wade’s performance in the final against Spain. After the accumulation of fouls in the first two quarters from Kobe Bryant and LeBron himself, Wade jumped forward and took it upon himself to figure things out and keep his team ahead until Kobe Bryant showed himself, as he liked, in the hottest moments. But Wade’s power (27 points at the end) was extraordinary … as a substitute. And that is what tipped the scales for LeBron: “Seriously, if you have Dwayne Wade on your team coming off the bench, you’re talking about the best international team in history.”, sentence.

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