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The reasons for FC Barcelona to switch Mateu Alemany for Deco

During the press conference to officially appoint the Portuguese as sporting director, the Culé president took the opportunity to say a few words to the outgoing manager and praise the work of the former Portuguese footballer.

Officially, Anderson Luis de Souza, better known as Deco, is the sports director of FC Barcelona, ​​​​with the support of Joan Laporta. The President of the Barcelona company He was present at the official appointment of the Portuguese and took the opportunity to say a few words to Mateu Alemany, who was in office from March 26, 2021 to September 2 of this year.

“He has a very complicated legacy in the sporting field and has successfully overcome many obstacles. He did it brilliantly, with distinction. He has built a highly competitive sports project. He is intelligent, a great professional, very qualified and a great person. We wish you good luck wherever you go. “Barça’s doors will always be open,” were Laporta’s words to Alemany.

Decoration FC Barcelona
Laporta chose Deco because he knows Xavi very well and harmony is more than crucial for the well-being of FC Barcelona.

Laporta argues with Deco’s arrival in the sports management of FC Barcelona

It is not the first position that the Portuguese coach has held in the Barça team. He was already scouting director in Brazil and his extensive knowledge of this and other global markets allowed him to achieve one of the most prestigious positions in the Catalan team. However, his status as a former culé footballer and former teammate of Xavi also weighed heavily.

“It meets all the conditions. He was an elite and reference player for Barça and a teammate of our coach Xavi Hernández. They have a similar vision of football and, in addition, he is a trained businessman and has therefore learned all the keys necessary for successful negotiations,” commented the Catalan president.

More words of praise for Deco from the president of FC Barcelona

Joan Laporta is definitely 100% convinced and excited that the Portuguese coach will do a great job in sports management. The arguments are the great knowledge of it in the different world markets and the harmony that reigns with Xavi. A more than important connection to attract the currently best players.

“He knows the football markets, not just the Brazilian but also the European and emerging markets. This summer he worked side by side with Mateu and helped solve the cases. He played an important role in building the competitive project. And he worked in harmony with the coach.” said Joan Laporta with great enthusiasm.

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