The reason why the Champions League anthem has been whistled in Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Liverpool faced each other again in Europe, but this time in the eighth of the Champions League. Fate was capricious in the draw and white and ‘networks‘ They reissued this Wednesday the final of the last edition that ended with the conquest of the fourteenth European Cup for Carlo Ancelotti’s team. A final charged with controversy even before it began and that Anfield has not yet forgotten.

In the run-up to the game, the final had to be delayed due to a security problem outside the Stade de France. Tens of thousands of Liverpool fans were crowded next to an access that opened late and provoked the ire of the ‘network’ fans.

The tension in the surroundings was on a rise and left many examples of UEFA’s poor organization in addressing and solving the problem. And the chaos was such that it left shocking images like the use of pepper spray by the French police on some English fans.

Shield/Team Flag

Thus, and despite the fact that the meeting should have started at 9:00 p.m., the seats in the Liverpool stands were practically empty moments before the scheduled time, so UEFA was forced to take the decision to delay the match for 35 minutes.

This gesture on the part of the highest football body has not been forgotten in the hearts of the fans.grid’ and, today, over a packed Anfield, they have shown their outrage. While the anthem of the maximum continental club competition was playing, Liverpool fans have thundered the atmosphere with a monumental whistle that has made it difficult to hear the chords of the famous melody.

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