The reason that complicates Neymar’s signing from Barcelona

Barcelona’s signing of Neymar seems to be in a state of uncertainty and the main reason for that is Xavi Hernández’s indecisiveness. The Blaugrana manager is sticking to his position against the arrival of the Brazilian striker, despite voices within the club that see him as a possible option to fill the vacancy left by Ousmane Dembélé.

Interestingly, the reason for Neymar’s exclusion is not due to his sporting ability as from this perspective it is believed that despite his injury history, he could be a valuable asset to the team. Rather, the reason is extra-sports in nature: there is concern that his presence could harm a cabin made up mostly of young players.



Besides Xavi’s staunch refusal, the club’s precarious financial situation is another obstacle to Neymar’s arrival. Faced with the problems of registering all their players for the first day of LaLiga, Barcelona are faced with financial constraints that make a large operation almost impossible, especially when it comes to chips worth around 12 million euros net, which is difficult financially “Fair play”.

There is a clear division within the club between those who see Neymar as a necessary impetus to improve the squad’s quality and attract fans and those who see him as a controversial and declining figure.

The key to solving this situation lies with Xavi. If the coach decides to take the initiative to talk to Neymar and set clear terms for his signing, the first step towards the striker’s return to Barcelona could be taken.

However, Xavi has other priorities in mind. He is currently waiting to find out how many players he will have available for the first game of the season against Getafe as he currently only has 11 players registered. Once all the players are signed, the possibility of reinforcements can be considered, with Juan Foyth at right-back and Bernardo Silva as playmaker remaining prominent.

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