The Reason Kanye West’s ‘Vultures’ Is Being Removed From Digital Platforms

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“Vultures” didn’t last a week on digital platforms as they plan to download Kanye West’s new album via streaming services. Here we tell you how it is.

He was quiet for a long time, though Kanye West has returned and, as usual, is creating conversation for his well-known controversies. And this time we say it for the joy of listening vultureTheir new album will probably only last a very short time They are planning everything to remove it from streaming services…just like you read it.

As you may remember, it was on February 10th last year when, after several weeks of waiting and without notifying anyone, Ultimately, you released this album in collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign. As is often the case with every West release, The internet went crazy when he heard his new songs, which contain lots of strange references to important names. from music, entertainment and even history (here we tell you more in detail).

What we know about Kanye West's possible concert in Mexico
Kanye West/Photo: Getty Images

It seems we’ll be missing Vultures, Kanye West’s album on streaming services

However, although vulture He generally had a good reception, it seems that we will have to say goodbye to him for a while, because, as if it were a bad joke, Kanye West’s new album is being downloaded from digital platforms. The reason? well then According to the album’s distribution on streaming services, the rapper and designer gave them the “nature” to release it without their permission.

It turns out that on the day this recording material hit platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL (and later Spotify), it was apparently distributed by a company called FUGA. Everything was going great, Yes fans enjoyed listening to what he was working on, but What they didn’t count on was that neither West nor anyone else had the company’s permission to include it in any service.

Kanye West finally released his new album “Vultures” and the internet went wild
Cover of “Vultures”, the new album by Kanye West/Photo: Kanye West

Through a statement released by billboard, A FUGA representative stated that they were offered the opportunity for distribution in 2023 vulture by Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign on digital platforms. However, given the controversy Yeezy has gotten into and, according to the company, at its “discretion in the normal course of business.” You made the decision not to do it.

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But despite all odds, A former customer of the company delivered the album through automated online processes a day before the world could hear it, which violates the service agreement they had. Therefore, FUGA actively worked with its partners and customers (related to streaming services) to remove Yes’ new album material.

You also pissed off Ozzy Osbourne and even Donna Summer’s heirs

This is not a secret for anyone Several record companies – including Universal Music – and other music distributors stopped working with Kanye West for the release of vultureYesdue to all the controversies the rapper has been involved in and the lack of promotional support he would receive from digital platforms due to his issues.

This isn’t the only fight Ye is currently involved in. Since before the release of the album Ozzy Osbourne threatened legal action against West for sampling a Black Sabbath song without his permission (although the “Prince of Darkness” had already made it clear to West that he didn’t want his music associated with him).

Ozzy Osbourne accuses Kanye West of sampling Black Sabbath song
Ozzy Osbourne claimed he denied Ye permission to use “War Pig.” Photo: X

But now Donna Summer’s heirs have also arrivedwho likes Ozzy made up his mind because of Kanye West’s jugular used part of “I Feel Love” without consent in the song “GOOD (DON’T DIE)”. However, they achieved something greater, because even before the intention to download the album on digital platforms was announced, They got the track that the rapper was featured on vulture.

It’s unclear if this album will return to streaming services soon once FUGA downloads it. (because it didn’t even take a week) and for now it is no longer available on Apple Music. The only thing we know is that Kanye can’t go a day without getting into a fight or doing something that upsets the music industry.

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