Home Sports The reason for Tuchel’s Chelsea downfall: Crisis at Stamford Bridge?

The reason for Tuchel’s Chelsea downfall: Crisis at Stamford Bridge?

The reason for Tuchel’s Chelsea downfall: Crisis at Stamford Bridge?

The Chelsea is living one of the most complicated moments since the arrival of Thomas tuchel to Stamford Brigde. The falls against Manchester City in the Premier League and against Juventus in Turin in the UEFA Champions League gave the Blue team its first two consecutive defeats since the German coach’s arrival in London and, despite only being two games, the Alarms have been lit because doubts have also begun to appear at the game level.

Set Blue he’s having a lot of trouble offensively. They have 12 goals in 6 Premier League games, but they are the 10th team with the fewest shots on goal so far this season (78), behind much less talented teams like Newcastle United, Newcastle, West Ham and Everton. And the main reason for this debacle has a first and last name: Mason Mount.

The reason for the downfall of Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea

The young english star he has not played with the team since the one-goal draw against Aston Villa for the EFL Cup, that is, he has been low in the games against Manchester City and Juventus of Turin, games in which Chelsea showed a very poor on an offensive level and it is no coincidence.

Mason Mount is a differential footballer because he fulfills a special role within Thomas Tuchel’s team, it could even be said that it is a double role. He is an attacker who dresses as a midfielder and vice versa. It is the piece that best moves between the lines, the one who best interprets the spaces to attack them and that best connects the team in both phases.

The absence of Mount is a hard blow for Tuchel because he does not have another footballer with the qualities to fill that role, so he tried to use three central midfielders (vs Manchester City) from the beginning but it did not work for him. Names like Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech, Christian Pulisic and Kai Havertz They do not meet the aforementioned qualities, so they cannot fulfill that role.

Chelsea numbers with and without Mount

Romelu Lukaku has become the only infallible offensive variant for Tuchel due to his back game and ability to connect with the arrivals, but when he is surrounded and defended by rivals it is very difficult for his teammates to power from the second line. Low collective performance

The loss of the left-hander is the main reason, not the only one, for the most difficult moment of Thomas Tuchel’s time in London. The next challenges seem to be key to seeing the mental situation of a staff that did not know this situation and the capacity to respond to difficulties. Mount’s return will be key, but the German coach has work in case he wants to overcome other difficult moments of the season.


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