The real reason why Hrithik turned down the role of Raavan

The real reason why Hrithik turned down the role of Raavan

There has been speculation for months about the Bollywood version of the Ramayan that Nitesh Tiwari wants to do. It’s mostly about the cast. Ranbir Kapoor will reportedly take over the role of Rama and Hrithik Roshan was considered for the role of Ravana. But Hrithik has withdrawn from the project.

“Hrithik really wanted to play the role of Raavan. Years ago, his former father-in-law Sanjay Khan had offered him the opportunity to play Rama in a film version of Ramayan that he had in mind. That movie didn’t happen. Now Nitesh Tiwari asked Hrithik for the role. But unfortunately he had to refuse this time for two reasons, ”says one of the production employees.

“The first reason is that he has other obligations. He is currently working on Fighter and has started preparations for Krissh. In addition, he has already played a negative role recently, and I would rather play the role of the hero again, ”she adds.

Hrithik indicated in a recent interview that he no longer wants to do a project every two years. “I want to make more movies. I prefer to do 2 movies every year”.

The makers have now approached South Indian star Yash for the role of Raavan.

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