The real reason for Cristiano’s snub comes to light

Only a few hours have passed since Cristiano Ronaldo’s rudeness against Tottenham was made public. It was on Wednesday night when the Portuguese decided to leave the pitch and go into the locker room tunnel without having finished the Premier clash. The consequences came soon. The striker was sidelined a few hours ago and will not be available for Ten Hag this weekend. Also, he will have to pay a large fine imposed by the United board.

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Nobody knew the reason that led the Portuguese to go to the locker room before the end. According to ‘Daily Mail’, it was all a conflict he had with the coach minutes before the end. Ten Hag would have told Cristiano to get ready to go out on the pitch almost in stoppage time. The player did not like it. So he decided to get his things and go to the locker room.

The matter did not stop there. When the match ended, the squad and staff headed towards the locker room. And to everyone’s surprise, Cristiano was no longer there. The Portuguese did not wait to get together, and receive the post-match talk. Hence Ten Hag’s statements at a press conference, admitting that he would deal with the issue the next day. And it is that there was no longer any trace of the Portuguese star at Old Trafford.

Ongoing conflict with Ten Hag

The English medium ensures that this type of conflict between the Madeiran and the Dutchman is very common, and that the rest of the squad will not interfere. They want to be on the sidelines and even more so now that the team is gaining strength and winning games. They think that the only thing he does is harm, when the rest of the squad is united. “It is said that the players know that Ronaldo and Ten Hag face each other on a daily basis, although it does not affect the spirit in the camp,” says ‘Daily Mail’.

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Cristiano’s separation from the coaching staff is becoming more and more evident. Even a few days ago his sister spoke out against Ten Hag on the networks. Everything seems destined for the footballer to leave the English club in winter. This time yes…

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