The Real Madrid has doubts with Marco Asensio

The Real Madrid has enough doubts with the continuity of Marco Asensio since it does not finish showing its full potential, only in a trickle. It is true that when he is inspired he is one of the best players in the squad, but unfortunately his performance as a merengue player is being quite irregular, which is why the sports management has to think a lot about his contract renewal.

According to the newspaper Sport, The Balearic footballer causes quite a lot of doubts in the merengue leadership since some managers believe that he should show a better potential to renew with the white box. Let us remember that Asensio has a contract until June 30, 2023, that is, the club has to negotiate the renewal with its agents if it does not want it to be complicated in the coming months since when the next season begins there would be a risk that leave for free. At the age of 25, they were expected to have a much better performance, but he is still a brilliant footballer, although for now, Carlo Ancelotti remains confident of recovering his best version.

Its sale is valued in the next markets

Some Real Madrid managers are beginning to think that the best thing for everyone would be to accept the sale of Marco Asensio in the next transfer markets to try to make money with his departure and, in this way, not risk that he can leave for free after finishing his contract. The Balearic has many teams that go after his services, but he has always confirmed that his desire is to stay in the merengue team for much longer, however, if the club does not offer him a good extension, he would not put problems in leaving and continuing his career In another side.

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