The RCD Espanyol disaster comes to light when negotiating with Morgan Sanson

From the parakeet box, details have been known about the failed signing

RCD Spanish was the protagonist of several incredible operations, which could not take place for different reasons, being that of morgan samson one of the most bizarre. And it is that the player of the Aston-Villa was very close to dressing up blue and whitebut many things happened in the closing of the transfer market, which are now coming to light.

Let us remember that apart from the Gaul, the parakeets were at the forefront of the exit of RDTwho was wanted by the Lightning and that in principle, could not leave the box of Cornella el Prat. Finally, this could be done, although the striker will not be able to play until 2023. Also, it has been possible to know in detail what happened with another of those pointed out by the sports management.

Sanson was very close to signing for the parakeets

Morgan Sanson was not a Espanyol player due to an unexpected situation

Well, from RCD Espanyol they were very close to signing Frenchman Morgan Sanson, being one of the favorites to take on the role of leader in midfield. He was one of the great promises of football in his country, but he has been quite relegated. Of course, he is a talented player, who still generates a great contribution.

At Aston Villa he has no place, since Steven Gerrard has other players in his demarcation. For this reason, at the time, the operation proposed by the parakeet team was that of an assignment. This was endorsed without any problem, and everything was intended to happen without any news, but the unexpected happened.

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The Gaul’s documents did not arrive on time

Morgan Sanson was not a new Espanyol player due to complications in the fax. The French midfielder’s documentation did not arrive on time, so they had to resign themselves to losing a good alternative in the face of a demanding season. Without a doubt, a complete surprise.

At the moment, from the perico box there is a certain alert, since the league start is not the best. They march in box 16, very close to the last places in the classification. They do not want to drop to second and therefore expected to make key signings, but this operation had to be declined without thinking.

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