In a Dominican ranking, the top of the urban artists “trendsetter” is headed by Mark B, who even has his own clothing line and who always wears the latest fashion trend.

The second most active and trendsetter is Amenazzy, who carries a risky international style, but without failing. Bulova also dresses very well.

Some created picturesque styles like Kiko El Crazy, who is one of the most daring to use any style.

Finally, there is El Mayor who coordinates his clothes very well, as well as his hair and other elements that attract attention.

Several Dominican urbanites have managed to stand out in fashion thanks to the excellent work of their image consultants, although this figure is still rare in music projects in the Dominican Republic. At the international level, it is an essential part of the artists belonging to the music industry.

The culture of urban music from the beginning has had not only a very particular and controversial way of dressing, but it has dared to go against the current, from wearing oversized pants, to wearing sneakers without laces and reaching To the point of wearing gold and diamond dentures, today the urban movement not only influences its community, but also has a constant impact on the world of fashion.

These annotations do not include African American artists, who have always played a predominant role.

In this case, the focus is on urban Latinos, especially Puerto Ricans, Colombians and Dominicans, who for a few years have not only dominated the pop music business, but have also set trends in terms of fashion.

Colombian J Balvin is the real Latin “trendsetter”. Almost everything you saw is trendsetting. Part of his achievements in this regard is that he is the first Latin urban artist to collaborate with the tennis brand Jordan, launching his colorful and expensive “Nike Air Jordan 1 J Balvin”.

A risky Puerto Rican Bad Bunny is also enrolled, who with his original personality can display any avant-garde style: pants or skirts, and in the same way set a trend.

Others like the Colombian Maluma and the Puerto Rican Ozuna, in addition to the old guard like his compatriot Daddy Yankee are other influential in fashion.

In addition to urban performers, there are also internationally renowned and respected fashion experts, such as Jonathan Melo Ellis, who in the beginning created a brand of socks that had such an impact that it was exhibited internationally by GQ magazine.

The nicknamed “Fashion Guru” hails from the popular neighborhood of Los Minas, in Santo Domingo Este, and through his instagram account @jmeloellis evaluates and rates celebrities as well or badly dressed.

This critical and direct work has caused him many controversies with the artists he disqualifies, but which in turn has led him to advise those he approves, as well as several artists nominated for the Youth 2021 awards.

His proposal has been recognized by icons of Latin urban music such as J Alvarez, De La Ghetto, Arcángel, Zion, Nio García, Amenazzy, Dj Luian, José Reyes, among others.

Thanks to urban people, in recent years we have seen how the fashion of the 90s has an impact again.

Currently, to paint your hair is to be “in”. J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Maluma, Kiko El Crazy, El Cherry Scom are some of the current artists who brought this fashion back.

Braids also make an appearance, although in the particular case of Mozart the Para is a look that has never changed.

Tattoos are also an essential partof the urban image. Shelow Shaq, for example, is one of the most tattooed urban Dominicans.

In each tattoo you can find meanings, stories and even tributes.

The tattoo is a fashion that continues to gain adherents within the new generations, largely eliminating the taboo that they were exclusive to and for criminals.



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