The radical thinking of Hindu extremists has also reached America

The extreme thought of Indian Hindu extremists has reached America as well, Indian-origin Vristh Kandola crashed a truck into the barrier of the White House.

The radical thinking of the Hindu extremists of India claiming to be secular has also reached America, people in India have fallen victim to the ideology of radicalism and extremism.

This radical and extremist thinking is reflected in an incident in which an Indian citizen tried to enter and attack the White House in Washington.

Varsith Kandola, 19, of the US state of Missouri crashed his truck into the security barrier at the White House, according to police.

After the truck crashed, the young man got out with a Nazi flag and started shouting at the police, the suspect said, “I’m here to kill President Joe Biden and take over the government.”

The American police say that the young man of Indian origin came to the White House to kill President Biden, who has been arrested.

Journalist and human rights spokesperson Peter Frederick described the incident as an extremist ideology of Hindutva. Indian analyst Ashok Swain has described the incident as a result of RSS ideology.

It should be noted that RSS is an influential paramilitary Hindu nationalist organization, RSS has more than 100 affiliates across India, this organization is especially prominent in the oppression of Muslims.

RSS and other extremist organizations are engaged in taking away the religious, social and fundamental rights of the minorities.

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