The PSG was completely wrong renewing Neymar

The renewal of Neymar with the Paris Saint-Germain begins to cause differences within the Parisian team since the Brazilian does not live up to expectations and has gone on to live in the shadow of Leo Messi Y Kylian Mbappé. The Brazilian international is having his worst season since joining the French team, due to injuries, yes, but also due to not having a suitable way of life for an elite footballer.

The Brazilian is recovering from an injury suffered last November and has not even joined the discipline of the French team after the Christmas holidays. Neymar’s return is scheduled for January 9 and until then Brazil will continue to spend a few days, with the permission of the team. There are already voices that are charging hard against the Brazilian star, one of those who has had the least mercy is Jerome Rothen, ex-footballer of the French team, “Neymar is less efficient than years ago. He gets old, gains kilos without stopping and does not maintain a form of adequate life. When you pass 30, the recovery does not go as well as at 25 years and when you do stupid you get “.

Blame everything on Leonardo

Rothen blames PSG sports director for not having a firm hand with Neymar As he believes that he should not allow him to stay any longer in Brazil, where he is not under the control of the club and continues to flaunt an unhealthy lifestyle for one of the great stars of world football, “He is on vacation. This is It is not normal because the image of PSG suffers through Neymar’s nonsense on social networks such as poker, parties, New Years … But now do not worry … they will upload videos of how he lifts weights to justify that he is He has been implicated and prepared to return in February. ” This last sentence was said with a lot of irony since he believes that the player is not at all involved with the team, otherwise he would not have this attitude.

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