Home Sports The PSG dressing room explodes against Mbappé: “It’s an insult”

The PSG dressing room explodes against Mbappé: “It’s an insult”

The PSG dressing room explodes against Mbappé:

The tension between Kylian Mbappé and PSG has already begun to generate its first cracks in the dressing room. According to information from RMC Sports, six players from the squad, including two signings, have expressed their discomfort with the striker’s statements in France Football this Saturday, in which he assured that playing in Paris “did not value his performance.” So they have made it known to Nasser Al Khelaifias indicated by the French media.

One of those players who has exploded against the captain of the French team has admitted to Al Khelaïfi that Mbappé’s words mean “an insult to the club”. It is the first time, at least publicly, that some members of the PSG dressing room have expressed their discontent with the top scorer in the club’s history, who until now was untouchable.

Mbappé, who is currently in Cameroon, has angered Nasser Al Khelaïfi. According to RMC Sport, the PSG president does not understand why the player has made such insinuations and has not yet left Paris. The Qatari also considers his statements as “a total lack of respect for all the members of the PSG squad.”

The club has already given the player an ultimatum. If he does not renew, something that right now seems like a utopia, in the next two weeks, he will put it up for sale and will listen to offers for it. Although Mbappé has systematically reiterated that he wants to fulfill his last year of contract, his statements have turned the dressing room upside down and coexistence is becoming increasingly remote. The footballer, a priori, must return to training on July 17

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