The PS4 will be able to continue to be used even after the closure of the PSN. Sony has indeed corrected a bug concerning the CMOS, therefore the internal clock. A relief for collectors who feared seeing their console bricked over time.

Credit: Nikita Kachanovsky / Unsplash

Ten, twenty or thirty years from now, retrogaming fans will be playing some PS4 games, remembering the good times of Uncharted 4 or God of War. However, it was not won. Indeed, Sony just fixed a critical bug which would have bricked all consoles in the long run.

The PS4 is indeed equipped with a CMOS battery which allows it to run its internal clock even when it is turned off and unplugged. If it is removed or falls flat (they have an average lifespan of ten years), the console is then obliged to contact the PSN to launch both physical and dematerialized games. An obligation in particular due to the trophy verification system, which notes the date and time at which you release them.

PS4 is dependent on PSN

The problem is that if this battery no longer works, No more games can be launched if the PSN closes (this is bound to happen one day). This is very annoying for the retrogamers of the future. The bug had caused a lot of talk on the net but Sony has just corrected it via an update.

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The firmware 9.0, recently deployed (and which caused some problems), eliminates the need for the internal clock as well as PSN. On a console without battery and not connected to the net, the games start normally and the trophies can even be unlocked (without date or time, suddenly).

The PS4 is still operated by Sony, but will be irreparably pushed towards retirement in the coming years, obviously because of the PS5. Still, many players will still want to take advantage of it. Remember that more than 116 million consoles have been sold. A gigantic park that will not disappear overnight. Sony has corrected any issue regarding obsolescence so there is no need to worry about this any longer.


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