Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, the online platform ‘Abshar’ or ‘Muqeem’ portal can also be used to extend the stay and exit visas of foreign employees.

According to the details, the process of renewal of residence and visa is possible online instead of visiting the office of the Saudi Passport Department, the employer can extend the documents of the employer through his account.

The stay and departure of migrants from Saudi Arabia can be extended for the required period from the sponsor’s Abshar or resident portal.

Even if a worker’s stay in the country ends, renewal can take place online.

In order to extend the exit promise period, it is necessary to first deposit the fee for the prescribed period in the license account and then give the extension command on Abshar or Muqim portal.

Citizens sometimes make the mistake of renewing their residency online without a visa or visa extension.

So when submitting the fee, select the command ‘Extension of Promise Period’, this way the renewal process will be completed automatically.



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