The problem of Cádiz CF with the sale of Lucas Pérez

The footballer wants to return to Deportivo de La Coruña

When everything seemed to indicate that the soap opera Lucas Pérez had finished, Cádiz CF has once again received a request from the player to leave the club. This situation is not new, because since the end of last season there has been talk of this possibility. Possibility that is still on the table, because the player is doing everything possible to return to his city club this summer.

This club is Deportivo de La Coruña, where Lucas Pérez wants to return despite playing in the 1st RFEF. But his departure would be a serious blow to the Cádiz CF squad, which still has many signings to make. And it is that the sports management is having serious problems getting new signings.

Lucas Perez Cadiz
Lucas Pérez wants to play for Deportivo de La Coruña

Lucas Pérez once again asks Cádiz CF to be transferred

In recent days the possible departure of the striker is once again on the table. But the response of the Cadiz team is clear: they do not want to let the player out under any circumstances. In fact, in the first two league games it has been shown that he is a key player in Sergio González’s scheme, who has trusted him as a starter.

But at the club they know that the player’s wish is to leave, so in this situation they can’t do anything. Of course, they will not let you go for free under any circumstances. In this way, Deportivo de La Coruña will have to sit down to negotiate with Cádiz CF to pay a small amount for the player’s transfer.

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The problem of Cádiz CF if it sells Lucas Pérez

At this time, and with the current Cádiz CF squad, all efforts are focused on the arrival of a new striker. There are many names that have been on the table this summer, but none have ended up arriving at Nuevo Mirandilla. But the situation could change in the last hours of the market.

However, if Lucas Pérez is finally transferred, there will have to be two players who arrive to reinforce the lead. Something that would be a serious problem for the yellows, who are having serious difficulties finding a single level striker who arrives at low cost. Be that as it may, everything seems to indicate that the future of Lucas Pérez will not be resolved until the last hours of the market.

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