Home Sports The Prime Minister is focusing on a promise from FC Bayern Munich

The Prime Minister is focusing on a promise from FC Bayern Munich

The Prime Minister is focusing on a promise from FC Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has never stopped adding generational talent to its squad. Some footballers were trained by their own youth academy, while others were scouted in a timely manner by their scouting department. Alphonso Davies and Jamal Musiala are examples of the work that has been going on in Bavaria for a long time. However, the most recent case is Mathy’s phone. At 18 years old, the Frenchman is already considered one of the Bundesliga’s great hopes.

This label is no coincidence. The striker scored six goals and three assists in 18 games, numbers that make him one of the Bavarian team’s most differentiated players. These numbers become even more important when you consider that they are not an indisputable number. In addition, Thomas Tuchel usually gives him minutes as a substitute and therefore scores a goal every 60 minutes on average.

Mathys’ performance calls for more involvement in the team. However, in the current situation, Bayern Munich cannot take a leading role in attack due to the strong competition. In addition, the arrival of Nestory Irankunda (Adelaide United footballer) next summer will further complicate this opportunity that he has requested.

Pay attention to the situation

Given these circumstances, some Premier League clubs have begun to show interest in Tel’s future. The Stade de Rennes trained player has made a breakthrough into the elite and after the first rumors linking him to other teams, he already knows that he can find consistency elsewhere. For now, Bayern are definitely not thinking about letting him go.

Mathys Tel has a contract until June 30, 2027. In this way, and knowing the club’s position, the situation could only take a radical turn if he left the club. A claim that is certainly anything but given given his youth.

The first siren songs of one of FC Bayern Munich’s greatest promises can already be heard. Now it will be up to Thomas Tuchel to know how to deal with the situation of a striker who wants more minutes despite the competition.

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