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The price, the comfort and the delivery, main drivers of the online consumer of technology (study of PcComponentes)

The price, the comfort and the delivery, main drivers of the online consumer of technology (study of PcComponentes)

PcComponents has carried out a study to find out how the technology buying habits in the last year and what is consumer behavior today.

This study reveals, among other data, that shopping on-line have a more improvisational nature, being 25% of the total of these unplanned purchases. Regarding the purchase channel, the 48% of those surveyed affirm that they chose a digital medium over a physical one because ‘on-line I find better prices’. This statement is closely followed by the comfort: 42% claims he bought it on-line ‘because they delivered it to me at home’ and 36% ‘to avoid having to go to the physical store’. In this sense, faster deliveries (16%) and the warranty extension (18%) are other aspects most demanded by the buyer on-line of technology.

Thus, omnichannel is still very present. According to the study data, 18% of purchases that ended in a store on-line were preceded by a previous search in a physical store, a percentage that rises to 27% in the case of the purchase of electrical appliances. At the same time, almost half of the purchases, 42%, start and end in the same place where the transaction is made.

From PcComponentes we have wanted to analyze the buying habit of the technology online consumer today. In this last year we have experienced circumstances that have made us modify our habits, so we wanted to learn more about the evolution in the acquisition of technological products ”, comment Fede Iglesias, CMO of PcComponentes. “This X-ray not only allows us to know what they buy, but also how they do it and how they value their experience. These aspects help us to know our consumer better and to continue improving something key in this environment, such as the customer experience ”.

Looking at technology, product ranges that are reigning this last year in electronic commerce are mobile telephony (86%), followed by computing (75%). Next, we analyze a little more in detail those products most demanded by buyers:

  • Mobile telephony: terminals lead this category, since 64% of acquisitions of this range have been smartphones, followed by covers and protectors (47%) and wireless headphones (22%)
  • Computing: work environments and distance education have led to headphones being the most purchased products within this category (38% of respondents), followed by laptops (29%) and mice or keyboards (27%).
  • TV: home entertainment continues to gain prominence. In fact, half of those surveyed have purchased a television through the channel on-line, while 30% have purchased a device to make their TV smart. For its part, HDMI cables and connectors represent 27% of purchases.
  • Home appliances: The technology also reaches the rest of the household equipment, with a similar distribution between robot vacuum cleaners (24%), kitchenware (22%) and coffee machines (21%).

An informed and satisfied consumer with their purchase

Advice is one of the key elements for today’s consumer: 1 in 3 buyers asked someone else for information during the purchase process on-line. This recommendation often comes from a famous or influencer, confirming that the current consumer takes into account the comments of third parties. In this sense, 20% admitted that they have ever bought a product recommended by a influencer or famous. Rafa Nadal (14%), Pau Gasol (10%), Jordi Évole (9%) or Ibai Llanos (7%) are some of the celebrities most cited as opinion leaders in the recommendation.

Finally and as a general assessment, the current consumer scores between 7 and 10 his experience of buying online technology, there is still a great room for improvement, through innovation, to continue posing new challenges for the future.

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