The preventive detention of the former director of Comcar Carlos Taroco, accused in the Penadés case, is extended

This Wednesday, the judiciary ordered the extension preventative prison from Carlos Tarocoformer director of Comcar, defendant in the Penadés case. The precautionary measure is valid until June 12, 2024.

Taroco was indicted in October 2023 for colluding with former white senator Gustavo Penadés in planning a conspiracy to make him appear innocent amid allegations of sexual abuse of minors. The defendant took advantage of his position to obtain confidential information about the victims and pass it on to Penadés.

Since then, the former head of the prison, Santiago Vázquez, has been in preventive detention in a penitentiary in the Río Negro department, where a cell phone was confiscated shortly after his entry.

On Thursday, February 15, the measure, which had been in force for 120 days, expired and for this reason the hearing to extend the preventive measure for the trial was held this Wednesday, at the request of the prosecutor in the Alicia Ghione case.

Taroco is charged with the crimes of qualified bribery and disclosing a secret, aggravated by his status as a police officer.

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