The president of Chamartín is arrested for sexual abuse

From glory to the well in the same week, because Chamartín was received this Monday at the Madrid City Hall for his promotion to the highest national women’s category, and today the National Police reports that they have arrested “the coach of a Madrid volleyball club for sexually abusing two underage players”. The events occurred in 2019 when the victims were 16 years old.

The press release informs that “the investigation began as a result of the complaint of the mother of a player, in which she informed of alleged sexual abuse of which her daughter’s teammates could have been victims. The man tolerated and even encouraged minors to consume alcohol in order to disinhibit them and thus overcome their resistance and be able to satisfy their libidinous mood

The agents began the steps to identify the possible victims and witnesses as soon as possible, taking into account that the person under investigation was a sports coach and that he regularly interacted with minors. “As a result of the investigations, the agents were able to verify the facts, verifying that the man took advantage of his situation of superiority in the club, threatening the victims with being expelled from the team and ending their sports career if they refused and offering them rewards and recognition. at a sporting level if they agreed to their requests”.

Once sufficient evidence was obtained of the commission of sexual abuse, a surveillance device was established in the vicinity of the home of the investigated where he was arrested and his mobile phone was seized. After the analysis of this device, it was possible to prove the participation of the detainee in two crimes of aggravated sexual abuse.

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In addition, the agents found out that both in sports competitions and in concentration trips organized by the club, the coach tolerated and even encouraged minors to consume alcohol, thus causing them to lose inhibitions, thus managing to overcome their resistance and satisfy your libidinous mood.

The reported events were apparently known by several people from the Madrid Volleyball Federation, who have collaborated at all times in the police investigation.

Although the police have not given the name of the detainee, it has transpired that it appears to be the president of the Chamartín club, who is also the base coach, Daniel Vilumbrales, who in recent years had given his club a Copernican turn to make him competitive with little help and a lot of imagination.

The clarification and repression of these sexual crimes in the sports field affects the trust that the victims have placed in the institution, while avoiding the appearance of new victims, by encouraging the accused to be removed from these areas in which he has the possibility of interacting with other minors”

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