The president of Boca apologized to a player for the Triple Alliance war

The president of Boca, Jorge Amor Ameal, welcomed the new xeneize reinforcement, the Paraguayan defender Bruno Valdez. And he did it in a curious way, with an allusion to the darkest historical link between Argentina and Paraguay: The triple alliance war.

“Every time we have to have a Paraguayan, it fills us with emotion and affection,” said the head of Boca in a press conference. “At some point in history there was a very unjust war that was that of the Triple Alliance”he stated.

It did not stop there: “I asked him for forgiveness for the past, and for the present, to help him in everything”. At the same time, he thanked Valdez, since he “left a very important contract to go to Boca.”

“I received the call from the institution and there was the possibility. I said yes. Oscar Romero spoke to me very well about what it is like inside the club. You know the outside, what the club generates and he spoke to me very well, he welcomes me with open arms.”said the new addition, who arrives at the Ribera libre del América de México club and withdrew from a superior economic offer, from Cruzeiro of Brazil.

The war that bled Paraguay dry

The war to which Ameal alluded took place between 1865 and 1870. Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay allied against the Paraguay of Mariscal Solano López. It was a carnage that left almost without male population to Paraguay. The country also lost a large part of its territory.

Historical revisionism defines it as “War of Triple Infamy” and criticizes the classic historiographical account, by Bartolomé Mitre, one of the protagonists of the contest. Miter was Argentine president when the war broke out.

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