The president of Argentina assures that the seizure of the Malvinas Islands “should embarrass the whole world”

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, assured this Tuesday that the "usurpation" of the Falkland Islands by the United Kingdom "should embarrass everyone"after inaugurating a commemorative monument after the 190th anniversary of the British occupation of the archipelago.

Fernández has remarked that "an act of colonialism" as the "usurpation" from the Falkland Islands "should embarrass everyone"so it considers that "the slogan" that the claim of sovereignty over the islands "joins" to Argentine society "it’s true".

"Argentina does not see full sovereignty as long as those lands continue to be usurped by the United Kingdom (…) We are not at peace with ourselves if we do not continue to claim, for those who gave up their lives, for those who continue to fight"has indicated, in statements collected by the Télam agency.

Thus, the Argentine president has added that his government will continue "insisting that the Falklands are Argentine". "Claiming sovereignty and for Argentina to enjoy territorial freedom should draw the attention of the most powerful in the world"has held.

Argentina claims its sovereignty over the Malvinas –Falklands in the British nomenclature–, for which reason it is usually suspicious of any gesture by the United Kingdom, even if it derives from the royal family. In 2016, he criticized Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, spending six weeks receiving military training in the archipelago.

Last month, Buenos Aires summoned the UK ambassador to the country, Kirsty Hayes, to protest a series of military exercises carried out near the Malvinas Islands.

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