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The Premier, red hot

La Premier, al rojo vivo

In mid-January, just two months ago, Liverpool were 14 points off the lead. Manchester City was caressing the Premier League and British analysts already dared to predict a little-fought race for the title. The forecasts, however, did not discourage Klopp’s teamwho happily accepted the role of ‘underdog’, the weak team for which it is sometimes good to take risks.

The signing of Luis Díaz was another stimulus for the Anfield team, who began to chain victories easy in the Premier after Christmas and they didn’t stop. Brentford, Palace, Leicester, Burnley, Norwich, Leeds, West Ham, Brighton and Arsenal have been his last eight victims… eight consecutive wins that have helped them to collect 24 points and put City in troublewhich in the same time has wasted almost all its advantage, down to a single point margin.

That is why, at this point, nobody wants to risk more predictions anymore. Not even Klopp, who knows that next April 10 he will have a decisive match against Guardiola himself. An “early final” of the English championship which will be played on the weekend that separates the first leg and the return leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

another challenge for City, despite being defeated at home against Tottenham and drawing against Crystal Palace, is still at a very good level. The gears of Guardiola’s team are not a problem, and in the absence of a killer, Foden’s talent has become the benchmark for his attacks. A temporary solution that is working for them, because they are the second highest scoring team in the competition, only behind Liverpool… which is the team with the most gunpowder.

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