The Premier League club that wants to sign Danjuma

Arnaut Danjuma’s future is back in the spotlight, and this time it’s Premier League club Everton showing renewed interest in the winger. Barely five months after turning down Everton to join Tottenham, the Liverpool team is determined to sign the Villarreal player’s services.

According to reports from the Daily Mail in England, Everton have revived their interest in Danjuma now that his loan spell with the London team has ended. The 26-year-old winger is expected to join Everton on loan, and his earlier refusal during the winter transfer window does not appear to affect the current deal.

At the time, Danjuma had declined the offer due to the sacking of Frank Lampard, who played a key role in his arrival at the club. Instead, he opted to join Tottenham for a chance to play in the Champions League. However, Danjuma’s departure from Villarreal now points to a possible new loan.

The Premier League club that wants to sign Danjuma

The Nigerian striker made quite an impression in his tenure last season, scoring eight goals in 29 appearances between his time at Villarreal and his subsequent loan spell to Tottenham. Now, Danjuma would be delighted to return to the Premier League and prove his worth once more in English football.

Everton, aware of Danjuma’s potential and abilities, see him as a valuable addition to their squad. The club hopes to be able to secure his signing and count on his contribution in the following season. The possibility of playing in a Premier League team again is an attraction for the winger, who seeks to continue developing and stand out in one of the best championships in the world.

As the transfer market unfolds, Everton fans are eager to see Danjuma wearing the team’s jersey. Only time will tell if the transfer goes through and if the Nigerian winger returns to the Premier League to continue making his mark on English football.

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