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The Premier League club looking to sign David García

The Premier League club looking to sign David García

Every season football gives us new stars on the rise and last season David García was one of the names that shone with a light all of his own. His stellar performances made him the center of attention for several Spanish sides and while there was once speculation of a potential transfer to Atlético Madrid, those rumors died down. However, with the transfer market in its final stages, a new Premier League contender has emerged: Nottingham Forest.

The Premier League club looking to sign David García

Nottingham Forest, a historic club from England currently competing in the EFL Championship, have expressed interest in David Garcia. Sources close to the team say they have contacted Osasuna, the player’s current club, to explore the possibility of a last-minute transfer.

However, Nottingham Forest’s hopes of securing Garcia’s services are being tarnished by Osasuna’s stubborn refusal to let their star go. García has become a mainstay in the team’s plan and his departure could have a negative impact on the upcoming season. Because of this, the Spanish club refused any attempt to negotiate.

Osasuna have made it clear that David Garcia can only leave the club if a team is willing to pay his release clause, which amounts to a whopping €20m. Although that amount could be within Nottingham Forest’s financial reach, the English club were keen to negotiate a lower price.

As the transfer window ticks down, Nottingham Forest face a dilemma. While David García’s signing isn’t entirely out of the question, Osasuna’s refusal to negotiate makes the possibility of an agreement ever more remote. Time will tell if this talented Spanish defender finally crosses the English Channel to join Nottingham Forest’s adventure in English football.

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