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The PP highlights the “excellence” of the Community’s public services as a summary of 2023


The 1st Vice President of the Cortes of Castile and León and Regional Secretary of the PPCyL, Francisco Vázquez, together with the lawyers of the Popular Party, Elena Rincón and Javier Carpio, highlighted the excellence of the Community’s public services and the presidencies achieved by his party of the Spanish Federation of the Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and the Regional Association of Municipalities and Provinces of Castile and León (FRMPCyL) in the balance sheet for the year 2023 carried out today, due from a political point of view, due to the election dates in May and July.

Vázquez first referred to the change of representatives of the PP in the Cortes of Castilla y León, explaining that in this body “the year began with the processing of the law on fiscal, financial and administrative measures in the emergency procedure”. This meant reducing eight tax measures for Castilians and Leonese, making Castile and León among the autonomies with the lowest tax burden per capita in Spain, “in order to somehow mitigate the brutal tax burden faced by the social-communist government of Pedro Sánchez.” to citizens and companies.”

In the last section of this year, as he commented, there was the adoption of the law on veterinary fee premiums, as well as the bill amending gambling and betting, the cultural heritage law, the reference to support for people with disabilities, etc. Bill regulating the care model in residential centers and Day centers of social services for long-term care in Castile and León. In addition, work is underway to amend the Law on Public Employment Services and the Law on Ensuring the Provision of Essential Services in the Territory.

On the other hand, Vázquez emphasized that in 2023, in the thirty sessions of the Board of Cortes, 480 non-statutory proposals were qualified, 62 of them were discussed in plenary, 20 of them were presented and approved by the Popular Party. Some of them considered the Spanish government’s demand for equal treatment of all Autonomous Communities in terms of regional financing, social services, the improvement of aspects of the legal profession, the rejection of the amnesty law or the referendum on self-determination.

Regarding the province of Segovia, some parliamentary initiatives saw the light of day this year to preserve the Navacerrada ski resort, the land concentration of the Nieva pine forests, the rehabilitation of the Church of San Juan Bautista in Fuentes de Cuellar, the rehabilitation of the Coca Castle.

Local and general elections

“This year has been an outstanding electoral year and I would like to highlight that the Popular Party has managed to win in all the provinces of Castile and León: we govern in eight of the nine provincial councils, in more than 1,400 municipal councils (out of 2,248), in four Provincial capitals, among which the mayor of Segovia was elected after 24 years of socialist backwardness,” emphasized Francisco Vázquez.

In this sense, he pointed out that “we have achieved the presidency of the FEMP, where the councilors of Castile and León preside over several working committees, and that we have also consolidated the presidency of the FRMP of Castile and León”, in the last meeting on On November 27, José María Bravo, mayor of San Miguel de Bernuy, president of the municipality of Villa y Tierra de Fuentidueña and vice president of the Provincial Council of Segovia, became its vice president.

He also pointed out that “in the general elections, Castile and León is the municipality that provides the most deputies and senators to the Popular Party”, with 18 deputies in the lower house and 29 in the upper house. “President Mañueco offered the Sanchista opposition three major community pacts (for health, for regional financing and for the development of the Atlantic Corridor) that provided for the equality of all Spaniards and regional and territorial integrity as non-negotiable,” explained the 1st Laster President the Cortes. On the other hand, Vázquez confirmed the good economic situation of Castile and León, with less unemployment and a GDP above the regional average, “in the face of the Sanchista’s policy of wasting public resources, raising taxes and favoring those who attack our country”.

In this sense, the 1st Vice President of the Cortes emphasized the commitment to education in Castile and León, achieving the best results in the country. He also referred to the public health of this region, which is among the five best in Spain, as well as social services. Also highlighted as a milestone this 2023 was the development of the Law on Public Services in the region, with the fight against depopulation and in favor of rural areas with tax proposals.

Commitments with Segovia

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