The power of user-generated content in marketing

In the digital world, aspects such as customer trust and loyalty are crucial for the success of any company. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding User Generated Content (UGC) has become a powerful way to increase brand loyalty.

Because UGC is consumer-created and shared content, it has a high level of authenticity. This is one of the best ways for an ecommerce provider to boost their brand, differentiate themselves from the competition, and gain visibility without having to pay for advertising.

User generated content includes from product reviews and customer testimonials to images and videos. Potential customers reach this content and interact with the opinions and experiences of others, building trust and loyalty. By taking advantage of it UGCThis creates a deeper emotional connection with the audience and shows that their opinions are valued.

UGC interaction increases conversion rates in all product categories

Increasing conversions is a key goal of any digital marketing strategy. In this case, conversion lift refers to the percentage increase in the likelihood that a user will make a purchase after interacting with the UGC compared to when they don’t. This measures the influence that user-generated content has on purchasing decisions.

PowerReviews has analyzed consumer interactions for 25.4 million online product pages from more than 3,600 brand and retail sites by 2022. Consumers rely on user-generated content. Therefore, UGC interactions result in a noticeable increase in conversion across multiple product categories.

Highest conversion boost in the automotive and powersport category

Specifically, the uptick in conversion from interactions with UGC in this analysis was higher in this category automobile and motor sports. This industry excels an increase of 161.3%.

The data underscores the power of customer-generated images and ratings in making purchasing decisions for potential car buyers, a sector traditionally male-dominated.

Bags, clothing and accessories, over 150%

As soon as Luggage and bags as well as clothing and accessoriesBecause these two categories have a large proportion of female customers, they see a high increase in conversion from interactions with UGC: 157.7% and 151.0%, respectively. The following categories are above the general average Consumer electronics, sporting goods, shoes and baby products.

The categories Office Supplies and Gifts & Gadgets, stand at the other point of the scale. With 19.2% and 30.1%or the increase in sales was lower in these sectors.

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