The position of Carlos Soler to the audios of Anil Murthy

The midfielder disagrees with the president of the club Che

The season is coming to an end and one of the issues that has all the fans of the Valencia CFare the audio of the president anil murthy with respect to Carlos Soler. In public he has shown a friendly attitude towards the player, but in private his attitude is reluctant, and even more so if the midfielder leaves the black and white entity for free.

The plan of the managers and of course the Valencian president, is make box with the best players in the squad, including the Valencian midfielder. Soler’s contract expires in 2023so they are desperately seeking to renew their contractual obligation, in order to have a better margin to sell it for more than €50 million. However, the player does not want to access said renewal.

Anil Murthy audios
The midfielder wants to stay at Valencia for the last year of his contract, but he will not renew.

The controversial audios of Anil Murthy that have him in check with the press

The top executive director of the Che club has said in previous statements that they have no problem with the player’s non-renewal. He has even said that this is part of the natural course of a footballer who wants to achieve new challenges away from his academy. However, an audio of the president in a meeting with other club managers shows otherwise.

“If you go out for free in January I will kill you with all the press. The 100,000 euros I will put. You have to bring money. You have grown up in the Academy and the club has invested money in you,” Anil Murthy is heard saying. With this statement it is clear that what the manager wants is money and not for the midfielder to stay at the club.

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Anil Murthy compares Soler’s case with that of Kang in Lee

Already in official statements to the press, Anil Murthy has acknowledged that the renewal of the Valencian midfielder will not take place, since the player’s plans are ambitious. He even dared to say that Soler only thinks about his dreams, but not about the team’s plans, and that is something respectable.

“Carlos Soler has been clear to me since the beginning of the year that he is leaving because he has a lot of ambition. Kang In had ambition too. He was closed fifty percent for Valencia to Braga, who went to Europe and is fighting to return, but he left for zero for Valencia to Mallorca. Carlos has it clear since the beginning of the season. But nothing happens. You have to respect them because they have too much pressure from the fans,” Murthy said.

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