The Portuguese have already chosen their favorite brand of laptops

It is called ConsumerChoice – Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Center, and it reveals the brands that most satisfy the Portuguese consumer each year.

Asus was the distinguished brand in “Consumer Choice 2023” in the “laptops” category. Which ultimately means that it is the preferred brand of the Portuguese in this segment.

The opinion of a sample of a group of 91 consumers, aged between 18 and 63 years, was used as a basis. This is the 11th edition of these awards, and throughout the process more than 220,000 evaluations have been made with 1,100 brands from different sectors.


Attributes evaluated in the Consumer Choice 2023

  • price
  • campaigns and special offers
  • quality of products/services
  • variety of offer
  • Specialization
  • attention and customer service
  • appearance of the product or store
  • Shopping experience
  • trust in the brand
  • innovation
  • awards
  • loyalty
  • sustainability
  • brand communication
  • computer components
  • operating system used

It should be noted that ASUS was the first choice of surveyed consumers. Overall, Asus received a score from 86.2% of consumers.

It should be remembered that ASUS is one of the top 3 laptop suppliers in the world, and is the one that sells the most motherboards worldwide.

confers upon official publication of the awards given to ASUS.

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