The Portland Trail Blazers head out to get Embiid

It has been several weeks since Damian Lillard officially asked the Portland Trail Blazers for a transfer and now the situation has turned 180 degrees as they could be looking to land Joel Embiid

The NBA suffers an earthquake. Just a few days ago, James Harden assured Daryl Morey that he was a liar and that he would not play for any franchise in which he played a role. Everything indicates that he will be transferred by the Philadelphia 76ers, who see his project as a complete failure. And we know that now Portland Trail Blazers follows it very closely Joel Embid.

The Cameroonian center, who was just named regular-season MVP, is in the best moment of his career, but his team is not with him in the fight for the NBA ring. This situation, coupled with the climate of tension prevailing in Philadelphia, makes his departure now more feasible than ever. AND One of the teams in pole position to take Embiid is the Portland Trail Blazers.

Embiid could end up with the Blazers
Embiid is fed up with the Sixers situation

The Portland Trail Blazers are keeping an eye on Embiid

As we know, The Portland Trail Blazers have always wanted to keep Lillard and do everything to make him fight for the ring. However, since they picked the #2 pick in the draft, the point guard was forced to request the transfer. A transfer aimed at the Miami Heat but didn’t materialize for the time being. And it could never happen.

In fact, the situation could be just the opposite, as the point guard could end up partnering with Joel Embiid. And in case the Cameroonian requests the transfer, The Blazers will have enough plays to convince the Sixers. Doing so could create one of the most fearsome societies in the entire NBA.

The three left the Blazers

To achieve a transfer of this caliber, The Portland Trail Blazers would need to send three great players to Philadelphia. The first of them would be Anfernee Simons, who is not only a promising player but also has a salary of $24 million, which is necessary to balance the operation. Something similar happens with the 16 million that Nurkic is asking for.

Finally and as the main player The Portland Trail Blazers would trade Scoot Henderson for Embiid. It would be the key factor for The Philadelphia 76ers agreed to the surgery, because they would do an express conversion with a player who wants to become an NBA star. Something they couldn’t otherwise achieve since they barely control the draft picks.

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