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The Pope in Budapest calls for countries to work for peace: “More cradles and fewer graves”

Pope Francis presides over a holy mass in Kossuth Lajos square in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest (BLAZETRENDS) and not of walls”, during the message after the Regina Coeli prayer during his visit to Budapest.

At the end of the mass that he celebrated before 50,000 people in the Hungarian capital, the Pope entrusted to the heart of the Virgin “the future of the entire European continent”, of which he said he has been thinking these days and in particular “to the cause of peace ”.

“Holy Virgin, look at the peoples that suffer the most. Look above all at the nearby and tormented Ukrainian people and the Russian people, consecrated to you”, affirmed the pontiff who on this trip has kept the war very much in mind in the meetings he has held as well as with the Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, the European president. closest to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and to the Metropolitan of Budapest, Hilarion, of the Russian Orthodox Church.

A Church that welcomes migrants

“You are the Queen of peace, instill in the hearts of men and those responsible for nations the desire to build peace, to give the young generations a future of hope, not war; a future full of cradles, not graves; a world of brothers, not of walls”, was the call of the pope.

In his final greeting after three days of travel, the Pope affirmed: “It is beautiful that borders do not represent barriers that separate, but rather contact zones; and that believers in Christ put in first place the charity that unites and not the historical, cultural and religious differences that divide.

During this trip, the Pope has made reference on several occasions to the need for a Church that welcomes migrants and also during today’s homily he lamented “the closed doors.”

Francis will conclude his visit to Hungary with a speech at the Faculty of Informatics and Bionic Sciences of the Péter Pázmány Catholic University of Budapest addressed to the academic and university world.

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