The Pope asks not to resign himself to the decline of the family,

Pope Francis asked not to resign himself to the “decline” of the family, which he defined as “an irreplaceable and indissoluble alliance between man and woman” in his message on the occasion of the launch of the “Family Global Compact” initiative published this Tuesday.

“We cannot resign ourselves to its decline due to uncertainty, individualism and consumerism, which pose a future of individuals who think about themselves. We cannot be indifferent to the future of the family, community of life and love, irreplaceable and indissoluble alliance between man and woman, meeting place between generations, hope of society”, he affirms.

Because, adds Francisco, “the family has positive effects on everyone, insofar as it generates the common good. Good family relationships represent irreplaceable wealth not only for spouses and children, but for the entire ecclesial and civil community”.

The “Family Global Compact” initiative is a shared program of actions aimed at establishing a dialogue between family ministry and family study and research centers present in Catholic universities around the world.

The Pope hopes that “it will help the new generations, in this time of uncertainty and lack of hope, to value marriage, family life with its resources and its challenges, and the beauty of generating and caring for human life.”

It is necessary, he added, “a more responsible and generous effort, which consists of presenting the motivations for Opt for marriage and family so that people are more willing to respond to the grace that God offers them.

The pontiff explains that there are many obstacles, including the lack of support from society, which is why “many young people reject the decision of marriage leaning towards more unstable and informal affective relationships”.

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And in view of this, among other issues, the Pope proposes to the “Family Global Compact” that work be done so that “useful proposals and objectives emerge for public policies.”

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